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AC Cleaning in Dubai

We are among the leading AC Duct cleaning companies in the UAE. We understand that clean AC ducts and clean AC vents prevent cross contamination of the indoor air and improve the airflow across your residential or commercial property.

We therefore, offer the best chemical-free AC Duct Cleaning services following our patented processes. We cover everything from cleaning AC filters to AC vent cleaning using safe disinfection products to eliminate dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Regular AC vent cleaning prevents several respiratory illnesses and also reduces the chances of wet odour or water leakage.

When to Clean Your Air Duct?

We recommend that you clean your AC ducts on a regular basis. More frequent duct cleaning should be considered if you have small children or anyone in your family suffers from allergies or breathing problems.

We also recommend AC duct cleaning after the winter season, when your thermostat may have been turned off for several months, as well as if you’ve had any construction or renovation work that may have produced dust.

Another good time for duct cleaning is when you are about to move into a new or old home. It’s unlikely that it’s ever been cleaned by a professional. You never know the true history of the ducts until you clean them.

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Our AC duct cleaning service includes cleaning of air grills, air supply ducts, air filters, main unit coil, main unit blower fan, drain tray and pipe and cavity area around the main AC unit. Our team also ensures post-cleaning sanitization of the main unit as well as the AC ducts.

Proper AC cleaning and clean AC ducts and vents ensure circulation of clean, breathable air indoors. Since the equipment works at maximum efficiency, it also reduces your energy bills. We strongly recommend getting annual full AC duct cleaning with regular AC maintenance and servicing throughout the year.

Periodic AC cleaning and AC vent cleaning promotes the good health of your AC and cleaner, healthier indoors for your loved ones. We provide NADCA-certified AC cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE. Our AC duct cleaning process is safe for pets and children and completely eco-friendly.

Contact us now to schedule your eco-friendly AC Duct Cleaning & Sanitization services.

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